Weekly Review: Crypto blogging and social websites

I usually post on the other platforms, but I decided to extend my blogging to some other places. An each week I post something like short insight to a crypto blogging and social media websites where I participate. This is a review of a previous week.

An each week is much different, for one because I participate on these places only for four days and I do a very brief visits of about 1–2 hours, so my results should not be taken as a verifiable measurement of other person possible success but just as a personal experience and insight.

If I take more time and/or trade I make much more, like the previous week because I swapped some tokens on which I have been sitting for a while.

Previous week post: https://leofinance.io/@aschatria/weekly-review-crypto-blogging-and-social-websites-nerth

I will post a bit of a shorter report for the last week activity and earnings from a few crypto blogging and media websites.

Effectively I was active only two days last week of four allocated for crypto, as the next two days I was having a toothache issues, had to undergo a minor surgery, had obligations to finish and sign some paperwork — so not much into the internet.

In total I spent 1 hour daily on my crypto related hobbies and I made around 8 USD during those 4 days.


MemoCash was OK and enjoyable to participate as always.

Dbuzz was also OK, and I have no complains there. Still waiting on the mobile application. I hope they extend their efforts there.

I will also try noise.cashwhich is a short post version of read.cash.

SUBSCRIPTION: How to earn with dBuzz and Memocash microblogging?

I was active on Twitter as usual. I am also waiting on Twetch app release. There is a test pre-release and funding action, but still no official full app.


I have nothing to add in specific about the blogging part. I was active briefly and posted my content.

  1. Whaleshares
    Invite: https://sharebits.io/wls_signup.html?r=aschatria
  2. Hive
    Invite PeakD: https://peakd.com/register?ref=aschatria
  3. Publish0x
    Invite: https://www.publish0x.com/?a=K9b68qVeEv
  4. Cent
  5. Blurt — will restart to post.
  6. Medium posting this week.
  7. Golos.Id — still have to see what to do with this one


1.Smoke I was not active, left few comments.
2.FloteApp I got an info that the Flote will soon have a redesign and more cryptocurrency wallets. So tips won’t be only in the BTC. I looked through the Patreon and Ko-Fi but so far, the Flote is the most interesting to me.
3.Actifit — Fitness app, testing this week. I don’t know how useful this is going to be because of the weather.
4.Stihi ( poetry, writing, art) — I have some work there done, so it will be interesting to publish my poetry again.

Others apps

Found a few good communities on Amino which I like. Placed it into a same category with Quora, Reddit and Pinterest.

I used Twitter, Google news and Feedly for news reading.

Short insight into the FloteApp — social media website and marketplace


  1. LBRY
    Invite: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@aschatria:7
    Uploaded a few images that I needed for my posts. Now I can post LBRY posts as cover images on the Whaleshares which is very cool.
  2. dTube
    Made a significant step forward with my animations. Not much but it is moving.
  3. Appics ( photo, video)
    Had no time, posted nothing.
  4. Creary — Creators network, testing this week. I already have my posts there, so I will continue in hope there will be some changes.


I was testing Triller which is a TikTok alternative. Yo be honest I rather watch 5-minutes crafts which is literally a tikTok of HowTos and useful tips and tricks, rather than Triller.

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat has some very nice filters which I am going to use this week.
I also tried Memes app and I really like it.

SUBSCRIPTION: How to make cash on LBRY?

I participate in various crypto blogging websites with the variety of content — crypto and internet, fiction and poetry, tech and science.

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